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Surface Treatment

Curing, Sealing Compound. Liquid white curing and sealing compound based on acrylic resin emulsion and wetting agent. It is used to prevent rapid evaporation of water from fresh concrete ensuring uniform hydration. Coverage: 5 sq.m/liter, 1 coat for curing and 2 coats for sealing. Packing: 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Curing, Sealing Compound. One component, liquid, high efficiency curing and sealing compound for concrete. It consists of hard yet flexible acrylic resin, solvent and pigments. Available in clear, white pigmented and aluminized grade. Coverage: Generally 5 sq.m/liter, 1 - 2 coats (curing, sealing respectively). Packing 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Wax-Based Curing Compound. Low viscosity membrane forming liquid based on wax emulsion. It is specially formulated for curing fresh concrete immediately after finishing operations. Coverage: 5 sq.m/liter, 1 coat. Packing: 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Concrete Surface Retarder. Used to create exposed aggregate finishes on precast panels, to roughen concrete walls, for subsequent plastering and keying construction joints. Coverage: 6 - 12 sq.m/liter, 2-10 mm etch. Packing: 16 liter pail.
Concrete Form Release Agent. Blend of synthetic and natural chemicals that employs a quick release mechanism based on chemical reaction. It is non-staining and contains rust inhibitor to protect metal from corrosion. Coverage: 30 sq.m/liter/coat for timber or wood, 50 - 60 sq.m/liter for steel and plastic. Packing: 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Water-based Form Release Agent. Special blend of emulsified mineral oil and chemicals and is designed for use on formworks to provide easy release of concrete. Its release mechanism is based on chemical reaction. Coverage: 50 - 70 sq.m/liter. Packing: 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Universal Mold Oil. Special blend of mineral oils and chemical additives and designed for use for quick easy stripping of concrete formworks. Coverage: 20 - 60 sq.m/liter. Packing: 20 liter pail and 210 liter drum.
Penetrating Silicone Sealer/Water-Repeller. Silane-siloxane based penetrating/impregnating sealer especially formulated for the treatment of exterior concrete and masonry surfaces against water, alkali, and chloride penetration. Coverage: 5 sq.m/liter/coat. (2 coats recommended). Packing: 5, 20 and 200 liter pack.
Polyurethane Shutter Paint. Liquid resin which reacts with moisture in the air to form a tough waterproof and flexible coating that allows forms especially wood, maximum re-usability, Coverage: 16 sq.m/liter. (2 coats recommended). Packing: 4.75 liter can.
Cementitious Wall Putty. Special blend of cement, micronized fillers, and polymer additives that only require the addition of water at the site to produce a high strength, water-resistant and smooth finishing, levelling compound for concrete walls, bricks and masonry surfaces. Built-in polymer additives ensures excellent adhesion and long-term crack resistance even at high ambient temperature. Coverage: Approx 1.6 sq.m/kg at 500 microns thickness. Packing: 5 and 25 kg pack.
Release Agent. Promotes a water repellent interface between concrete and formwork resulting in a smooth, flat, unstained surface. Its air release property minimize formation of air voids and blemishes. Coverage: 20 - 60 sq.m/liter. Packing: 20 liter pail and 200 liter drum.