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Emery Based Concrete Floor Hardener. Dry powder shake, floor hardener consisting of cement, hard wearing emery aggregates and chemical additives. HARDTOP is designed to be an integral part of fresh concrete slabs or screed to provide a dense, tough surface capable of withstanding severe abrasion from constant wheel traffic. Coverage/Packing: 5 sq.m/25 kg bag.
Self-Levelling Cementitious Compound (Underlayment). Used mainly for leveling uneven concrete floors whether in situ or precast. It is also used as a repair or leveling course over interior, sound concrete surface at thickness from featheredge to 10mm. Coverage/Packing: 9.8 sq.m at 2mm thick (neat), 2.66 sq.m at 10mm thick (extended)/25 kg bag.
ISOPOX 327 - S
Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Topping. Specially formulated for use on industrial floors where a high degree of abrasion, chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties are required. Typical floors suited for application with ISOPOX 327-S are: chemical plants, machinery service areas, warehouse, dairies, garages, loading ramps, food processing plants etc. Coverage/Packing: 1.3 sq.m/27 kg kit at 10mm thick (A+B+C).
Heavy Duty. Self-Levelling Epoxy Floor Topping. Used as topping for concrete floors subject to abrasion impact and occasional spillage of chemicals. Such floors include but not necessarily limited to: warehouses, pharmaceutical, hospital, aisleways, factory, assembly lines etc. Coverage: Approx. 7.5 sq.m at 2mm thick/27 kg kit (A+B+C).
Quartz Based Concrete Floor Hardener. Applied monolithically on fresh concrete slab such as warehouse floors, processing plants, loading docks, high volume foot traffic aisleways, machine shops, freight terminals. Coverage/packing: 5 sq.m/25 kg bag.
Polyurethane Coating. Specially formulated for coating of concrete floors in freezer, cold rooms where operating temperature reach -35° C. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 10.6 sq.m at 375 microns DFT/4 liter kit (A+B).
Colored Acrylic Sealer. Used exterior and interior on horizontal surfaces to seal, harden and dustproof new or existing concrete. Typical applications include: Offices, commercial buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, schools, hospitals. Also used as a curing compound for ‘HARDTOP’ treated floors. Coverage: 10 sq.m/liter/coat at 50 microns DFT. Packing: 5 and 20 liter pack.
Chemical, Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Coating. Used as a functional and decorative coating for protection of steel and concrete and wherever abrasion and chemical resistant properties are required. POXILON - S is especially suited for coating concrete floors such as found in: dairies, assembly areas, workshops, aisleways and docks, chemical plant, warehouse, food processing plants. Coverage: Approx. 20 sq.m/2.5 kg kit/coat (minimum 2 coats) Packing: 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
High Build Epoxy Coating. Used for coating concrete floor surfaces subject to abrasion and chemical attack. Typical floor surfaces suitable for coating with POXILON are dairies, food processing plants, chemical plants, auto repair bays, manufacturing plants, aisleways and docks. Coverage: Approx. 5 sq.m/kit at 300 microns DFT. Packing: 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
Moisture-Insensitive Epoxy Coating. Marine-maintenance, coating in or near salt water including bilges, pump intakes, ballast tanks, structural steel, steel pilings, splash zones, concrete foundation etc. Industrial-steel culverts, water works and sewage, steel pipes and tanks subject to alternate or constant water immersion Coating of concrete tanks for potable water (PW grade). Coverage: Approx. 9.4 sq.m/kit (200 microns DFT) or 7.5 sq.m/kit (250 microns DFT). Packing 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
Two Component Epoxy Coating. Used for protection of sluices and docks, corrosion control in ship building Coating of sewage treatment plants, sewage disposal steel and concrete pipes., digestion towers or smoke stacks and manholes. Exterior sealing of concrete surface. Coverage: Approx. 5.2 - 7.5 sq.m/kit (250 - 350 microns DFT). Packing: 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
Traffic Deck Coating System. Used to protect traffic bearing concrete decks or floors against abrasion & chemicals, suitable for car parks, walkways, storage, maintenance areas. Used in conjunction with ISOFLEX PU polyurethane top coat. Packing: 4.5 and 18 liter kit.
Polyurethane Coating and Sealer. Used to seal, dustproof and harden surface of concrete floors such as: warehouse maintenance shops, manufacturing plants, garages, auto/truck repair bays, indoor parking areas. Coverage: Approx. 5 - 8 sq.m/liter/coat. Packing: 5 and 20 liter pail.
Epoxy Penetrating Clear Sealer. Designed to penetrate concrete substrates, ideal for protection of parking decks, bridge decks, old industrial floors from chemical or salt attack, walkways, garages, warehouse etc. Coverage: Approx. 12 - 16 sq.m/liter/coat. Packing: 2 and 4 liter kit (A+B).
Chemical Hardener and Dustproofer. Used on virtually any concrete or cement-bound surface particularly those subject to abrasion from foot and wheel traffic and chemical spills. It is used on industrial floors such as warehouse, food processing, loading bays, car parks, drive ways, abattoirs, showroom, basements. It is also used to treat walls, tanks, dams, silos etc. Coverage: Approx. 6.5 sq.m /liter/coat (2 coats required). Packing 20 liter pail and 200 liter drum.