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High Build Patching Mortar. Recommended for vertical and overhead patching of deteriorated concrete structures such as cast-in-place walls, columns, beam, soffits, bridges and others. Coverage: 16.4 liters. Packing: 25 kg.
Polymer-Modified Repair Mortar. Used as a permanent repair mortar for reinstatement of concrete structures such as columns, walls, beams, ceilings, tunnels, sea walls and other application requiring high early mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and reduced permeability to liquids. Coverage: 14 liters. Packing: 25 kg.
Non-Shrink, Micro-Concrete. Specially formulated for permanent and durable repair of large structural sections of concrete using form and pour technique. It is also used wherever a self leveling repair concrete is desired specially on heavily, reinforced sections or difficult to access areas. Typical applications are for repairing concrete columns, beams, walls, foundations, sea-wall and structures requiring rapid strength gain. For horizontal concrete repair, use ISOCRETE 100. coverage: 14.7 liters. Packing: 30 kg.
Acrylic-Modified Fairing Coat Mortar. As a pore sealer to cover concrete surface defects such as blowholes, mild honeycombings, sand runs, grout loss, bulging (due to shutter movement). As a thin render 0.5-3mm, thick on horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. As a thin repair mortar for leveling joint edges and sides and to form finish joints and covings. Coverage: 17 liters. Packing: 25 kg.
High Build Epoxy, Repair Mortar. Used wherever high mechanical/ chemical resistance and permanent repair to spalled or deteriorated concrete are required-soffits, columns, lintels, underside of beams and roof slabs, tanks and pipe linings etc. Coverage/Packing: 8 liters (A+B+C).
 Two-Component Epoxy System. Application
• Sealing Porous concrete.
• Priming.
• Binder for epoxy mortars and epoxy concrete.
• Sealing horizontal cracks.
• Priming.
• Universal glue/adhesive.
• Universal glue/adhesive (e.g. bonding wood-wood, wood-steel, steel - concrete, ceramics etc.)

Packing: 0.45 kg and 0.8 kg kit (A+B). Coverage: Refer to sepaarte catalogue.
100% Solids Epoxy System. Used for floor resurfacing, spalled or cracked concrete repair in acid tanks and sea walls, sewage lining, chemical plants, machinery service areas, warehouse, service stations and other areas where a high degree of abrasion/chemical resistance and high strength is required Coverage/Packing: Approx. .84 sq.m/16 kg kit (A+B+C) at 10mm thick.
High Strength Epoxy Mortar. For durable repair of horizontal concrete surfaces such as: industrial floors, bridge decks, concrete runways and pavement. Used also as a bedding/gap filling dry pack mortar and expansion joint repair. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 7.4 - 7.6 liters/16 kg kit (A+B+C).
Epoxy Putty. Specially designed to level and smoothen surface imperfection, voids and rough spots in concrete and other cementbound substrates. It is also used to seal small holes and pitting on corroded steel. Coverage: Approx. 1.5 sq.m/2.5 kg at 1mm thick. Packing: 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
Epoxy resin Crack-Injection System. Injection resin to restore and seal cracks in concrete structures such as: wall, floors, columns, beams, waterways, pavements and other mineral/cement-bound substrates. It is also used for filling underneath floating tiles, mortar and stones in walls, ceilings and floors. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 2.4 liters/2.5 kg kit (A+B).
One-component Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer. Used as an anti-corrosion protection primer for steel reinforcements and steel structures. Coverage: Approx. 10 sq.m/liter/coat at 45 microns DFT. Packing: 1 liter.
Structural Micro-Concrete. Specially formulated for permanent repairing of horizontal concrete structures requiring exceptional mechanical properties, low water impermeability and rapid strength gain. It can be applied at thickness ranging from 30 - 50 mm in one layer. ISOCRETE 100 can also be used as a leveling mortar for concrete pile caps. Coverage/Packing: 14.3 liter/30 kg pack.
Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer. Two component. Anti-corrosion primer for new, uncoated steel and as a maintenance primer for old, zinc-coated steel substrates such as columns, girder, trusses, manhole, covers etc. Coverage: Approx. 20.8 sq.m/2 liter kit at 50 microns DFT. Packing: 2 liter kit (A+B).
Flexible Cementitious Grout. Used to repair narrow cracks in masonry, plaster and concrete structure with little or no movement. It is also suitable for use in filling joints in hollow-core precast concrete slab element. Coverage/Packing: 6.25 liters/10 kg pack, 12.5 liters/20 kg pack.