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Bonding Agents and Adhesives

Acrylic Bonding Admixture. Used to prepare polymer-modified mortars for patching and topping, polymer bonding slurries for bonding fresh concrete floor screeds to old concrete, patching mortars to old concrete. Packing: 5, 20 and 210 liter pack.
SBR bonding Admixture. Used in preparing polymer-modified floor screeds, leveling courses patching/repair mortars, bonding slurries, toppings, waterproof screeds, thick bed mortar for setting tiles, bricks marble, stones and ceramics. Polymer concrete overlays for highways and bridges and other general concrete reconstruction work. Packing: 5, 20 and 210 liter (kg) pack.
Mortar Admixture. Used to prepare patching/repair mortars bonding slurries, thick/thin bed mortars for setting tiles, bricks, marbles, cement grouts, floor screed, waterproof slurries, and other cementitious mixes. Packing: 5, 20 and 210 liter pack.
Epoxy Resin Bonding Agent. Used to bond fresh to old concrete such as found in building extensions, concrete repair, fresh concrete toppings to hardened floor slabs, granolithic floor toppings etc. Coverage: Approx. 2 - 3 sq.m/kg. Packing: 2.5 kg kit (A+B).
Water-Resistant Tile Adhesive. Used to fix ceramic, mosaic and quarry tiles over concrete, masonry and bricks. It can also be used for fixing insulation board based on expanded polystyrene Coverage/Packing: Approx. 10 sq.m/25 kg at 1.5 mm solid bed thickness.
Ceramic Tile Adhesive. Used to fix ceramic tiles over concrete, masonry and bricks both internal and external applications. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 10 sq.m/25 kg at 1.5 mm solid bed thickness.
High Strength, Waterproof Wood Adhesive. One component, solvent-free liquid adhesive for bonding wood of all types: parquet, solid wood, planks, plywood, laminate floorings, multi-ply engineered etc. Conforms with BS EN 204, Durability Class D4, Conditioning Sequence Number 6. Packing: 5 Kg. Coverage: Approx. 31 - 47 sq.m/5 kg ay 150 and 100 microns respectively.
Flexible Epoxy Tile Adhesive. Heat & Chemical resistant. Conforms with EN 12004 R2T, Packing : 4 liter kit
Epoxy-Based Tile Adhesive and Grout. Used for fixing and joint grouting of ceramic tiles, quarry, pavers, marble and natural/artificial stone claddings over concrete, bricks, masonry, existing tiles, existing terrazzo floors, resilient substrate such as wood and steel. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 7 sq.m/11 kg kit (A+B) at 1 mm thick (adhesive), 228 lineal meters/4 kg kit (A+B), 2 x 5 mm joint size (grout).
Base Coat and Adhesive for Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS). Available in two grades ‘D’ grade requires only the addition of water while ‘W’ grade two components liquid latex and powder, fiber mesh supplied separately.
Polymer-Enhanced Tile Grout. Used to fill joints in ceramic and mosaic tiles and marbles. It is suitable for use in frequently wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and similar applications. It can also be used for residential/ commercial wall and floor ties. Packing; 10 kg and 25 kg pack. Coverage: Dependent on joint size.
Road Marker Adhesive. Used to bond road markers and reflector stud over Portland cement and asphaltic concrete. Packing: 10 and 35 liter kit (A+B).
Waterproof Marble and Tile Adhesive. Used wherever a permanent, waterproof, chemical and impact-resistant tile installation is required. ISOLITH - M is used to fix tiles such as ceramic, mosaic, quarry, pavers, brick, marble and natural/artificial stone claddings over concrete, bricks and masonry. It is also used to fix ceramic and mosaic tiles over gypsum wallboard, gypsum plaster, existing ceramic tile, existing terrazo. Coverage/Packing: Approx. 10, 5, 3 sq.m/25 kg kit (A+B) at 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm solid bed thickness respectively.